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Chairman and Head of Legal

Our Chairman and Head of Legal qualified as a French Avocat in 2006 and as a Solicitor for England and Wales in 2012. Founder partner of a boutique firm of solicitors based in London, she has been advising ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs, executives, and their corporate entities for years. She created very long-term trusting relationships with her clients by finding solutions to their most difficult issues. She participated in the setup of the London treasury department of a major multinational and the subsequent necessary links to West African partners. She also led, for example, the setup of a USD 12bn holding structure including a commodity company just to dismantle the same years later to allow entry of the company on a public market. Flexible contractual situations have become her second nature.

Chief Financial Officer

Our Chief Financial Officer is a seasoned financier and international business developer with 30-year experience; he spent the last 10 years heading the financial direction of a State company managing export contracts and industrial cooperation programs of defense and security articles, as well as large-scale investments in strategic infrastructures. He uses a forensic mind to fold and unfold international sovereign deals on the finance and practical side ensuring they best serve clients’ long-term interests; he brings a rare depth of experience build on a track-record of sovereign and critical projects (defense and aerospace, nuclear power, the World's largest hydro-electric dam, high-speed trains and urban mass-transit systems) in over 40 countries, including 8 years posted in China.

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Chief operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer is a retired Colonel of the French Air Force. Amongst many functions serving the French Ministry of Defense in procurement issues and international cooperation, he was appointed expert auditor, with the responsibility for global contracts signed by the French government in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, Colombia, Chile, Brunei, Singapore and Malta. He also represented the MOD procurement agency in the negotiation of the Paris agreement with the Iraqi prime minister.

Director of Programs

Our Director of Programs is a retired Rear Admiral of the Spanish Navy. Throughout his active years, he dealt with strategic, operational, program management, logistics, and leadership aspects of operations. He served two terms as Deputy Commander EUNAVFOR Somalia (aka Operation ATALANTA), the EU anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean, where he cooperated in projects with East-African countries. He also directly supported a West-African country in developing Maritime Situational Awareness. Following retirement, he co-founded a business development company active in Spain, France and the UK which supported major multinationals. He also led a multinational consortium for a Spanish MoD project.

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